Proposed changes to Reading Islamic Centre’s Constitution


Proposed changes to Reading Islamic Centre’s Constitution to be tabled at AGM on 11th Feb 2018 after Zuhar Prayer at
50/52 South Street, Reading RG1 4RA

1 – Amendments to the Object
Following clauses are proposed to be added in the section 2 (Object) of the Constitution.

2.2. The fundamental belief of the Centre is LA ILLAHA ILLALLAHO MOHAMMAD UR RASUL ALLAH (There is no GOD but one GOD (Allah) and Mohammed (Peace be upon him) is his messenger.

2.3. The Centre is established to advance the religion of Islam and in particular the SUNNI MUSLIM FAITH and in furtherance of that objective the Centre shall only be used to teach, propagate and preach Islam according to:

2.3.1. Sunni Schools of thought in theology i.e. the schools of Imam Abu Mansur al- Maturidi and Imam Abu’l Hasan al-Ashari.

2.3.2. Sunni School of Imam Abu Hanifa in jurisprudence.

2.3.3. Beliefs which are compatible with the teachings of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.

2 – Amendments to the Membership
Following clause is proposed to be added to the section 5 (Elections) of the Constitution.

5.11. Membership for the Centre shall only be eligible for one full year. At the end of the year all members will have to renew the memberships. Members shall only be eligible to vote after 2 years of continuous membership. A nominee for the committee must fulfil the criteria of being a member prior to submitting his application.

Notice of Proposed Constitution Changes